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The GAIA Group is an educational nonprofit organization in the metropolitan Washington, DC area formed to help create environmental sustainability. We utilize technology and social media to share new approaches and best practices in different communities throughout the world. We understand that we are living in the information age and that the most effective strategy for performing long term sustainable service outside of our community is to electronically share information about techniques that have already been tried, tested, and proven to work. We exchange information by producing the online Soulful Green Living show on BlogTalkRadio and by sharing instructional documents and videos that can be translated in different languages in order to broaden their accessibility.

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Living walls (or vertical walls) absorb rain water (that would runoff into the sewer system) and lower utility use by insulating buildings.
Earthbag construction is an inexpensive method to create structures which are both strong and can be quickly built.
Raised bed gardens can extend the planting season, reduce weeds and reduce the need to use poor native soil.
Blended fresh fruits and vegetables make refreshingly  healthy meal replacements.
Gardening is good for your physical and mental health.   It can ease stress, keep you limber, and even improve your mood.
Explore these approaches to environmental sustainability and healthier living:
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